Belin Monaco French Snack Crackers with Emmental Cheese 105g - 3.7 oz
These crisy little crackers are flavored with Emmenthal cheese and make an excellent choice to accompany an apéritif.
Belin Chipste -  French Potato Chips
Potato chips à la française. Belin Chipster Potato Chips Aperitif
Curly peanut-flavored snack /Curly cacahuète Great as a snack or à l'apéritif.
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Looking to satisfy that need for crunch? Look no further! Belin Monaco French Cheese Crackers are perfectly crisp and super flavorful. Made with Emmenthal cheese, these French Cheese Crackers are a delightful snack! Facts: 3.5 oz. Product of France. Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fat, dried grated Emmenthal cheese (17%) (from milk), sugar,...
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