Cote d'or - FIN NOIR 70% Dark (70% cocoa)
Cote d'or - PRALINÉ LAIT Milk Chocolate with Praliné filling
Cote d'or -  Noir de Noir, (54% cocoa) Dark Chocolate
Cote d'or - Milk Chocolate
Cote d'or -  Dark w/Orange Peel
Dark Chocolate Bar with Whole Almonds by Cote d'Or 7 oz
Côte d'Or was founded in 1883 by Charles Neuhaus. Neuhaus used the name Côte d'Or (French for Gold Coast) referring to the old name of contemporary Ghana, the source of much of the cacao beans used in chocolate manufacturing. The company is Belgium’s leading chocolate brand. Made with a rare blend of South American...
Cote d'or - MIGNONNETTE LAIT Milk Chocolat
Cote d'or - BLOC NOIR AMANDES Dark Chocolate with Whole Almonds
Cote d'or - BLOC LAIT ECLATS DE MAÏS CROUSTILLANTS  Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts
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