Black Truffle Butter - Regalis Food
Our small batch, Wisconsin made truffle butter is a rich and a luxurious blend of 84% butter fat butter (translation = extra creamy) glittered with black truffles from Abruzzo, Italy. Our top seller to Michelin star restaurants nationwide, our truffle butter is a guaranteed way to impress any palette by...
Rougié · Duck fat, glass jar · 320g
Whether rendered straight from the duck or from this jar, duck fat is an indispensable ingredient for making the rich dishes of Southwest France, like cassoulet. And there's simply nothing in the world better on a cold damp winter night than potatoes cooked in duck fat. You can also use...
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Pork Pate de Campagne by Henaff 3.2 oz
Hénaff uses fresh pork raised locally and includes the best morsels of pork, like the hams and fillets, to produce the most popular pates and confits with an exceptionally fine texture and unfogettable taste in France. Based in Brittany and family owned and operated since its founding in 1907, Hénaff is the only French pork...
Moulard Duck Leg Confit in Rougie duck fat 52.9 oz (4 Legs per can)
A specialty of Gascony, confit is a time-honored method of preserving meat by salting it and cooking it slowly in its own fat. The super-tender meat is then packed into a crock or pot and covered with its cooking fat, which acts as a seal and preservative. This fully cooked...
Elevages Périgord · Périgord pâté · 88g (3.1 oz)
A classic pâté, to be served with cornichons, pickled onions, and some good bread. Ingredients: Pork, pork liver, duck foie gras, duck meat and duck fat, water milk powder, salt pepper, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite 88g (3.1 oz)
Duck Leg Confit  Confit de Canard  Rougie
A specialty of Gascony, confit is a time-honored method of preserving meat by salting it and cooking it slowly in its own fat. The super-tender meat is then packed into a crock or pot and covered with its cooking fat, which acts as a seal and preservative. This fully cooked...
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Duck Foie Gras by Rougie 3.17 oz
A specialty of Gascony, foie gras is one of the world's great gastronomic delicacies. These fully cooked foies gras from Rougié, France's leading foie gras producer, have a wonderfully rich flavor and silky smooth texture, and contain the finest liver and seasonings. For an extra-special treat, try the foie gras...
Officer · Smoked cod liver · 121g (4.26 oz)
Smoked Cod Liver / Foie de Morue Fumé. Smoked Cod Liver Smoked cod liver, or foie de morue fumé, is very popular in France and can be found in every grocery store. Also known as the foie gras of the poor, cod liver is usually served on bread or toast....
Elevages Périgord · Duck rillettes · 88g (3.1 oz)
Traditionally, rillettes are made by cooking meat slowly in its own fat until it is tender enough to be shredded. Once cool, the shredded meat is mixed with enough fat to make it spreadable. This recipe is further enriched by the additional of duck foie gras. Ingredients: Duck, duck fat,...
Summer Truffle Salt by Pebeyre 1.76 oz
A French company with over 100 years of tradition of excellence decides to make its signature truffle salt in Italy!  The moment you open the jar, strong and delicious aroma of truffles will grab you.  Add this excellent truffle salt to any dish for that extra, great flavor.      Facts 1.76...
Mouettes d'Arvor Mackerel Fillets in White Wine and Mild Spices 6 oz
The Conserverie Gonidec was created in 1959 by Jacques Gonidec and his parents in Concarneau, Brittany. He took the name of his favorite football team “Les Mouettes d'Arvor” (the seagulls of Arvor) for a line of top-quality sardines and fish. Now under the helm of the third generation, the company...
Maison Pébeyre Truffarome · White Italian truffle oil · 10cl (3.4 fl oz)
Founded in 1897, Pébeyre is the oldest family truffle enterprise in France. Guided today by the fourth generation, Pébeyre supplies truffles to the best restaurants in the world. In addition to truffles, Pébeyre offers a range of the best truffle-inspired products. White Italian Truffle Oil As is the tradition in...
Hénaff · French Pork Rilettes - Rilettes de Porc
Hénaff pork rillettes are made with choice morsels of fresh pork; they contain no coloring, preservatives, or additives. The Hénaff pâté de campagne is inspired by "fourmaj rouz," a traditional Breton pâté made of coarsely chopped fat and lean, liver, and egg white; it contains no coloring or phosphates. The...
Henaff Authentic French Pork Pate and Rillettes Set
Hénaff uses pork raised locally and a minimum of additives to produce the most popular pâtés and rillettes in France. Based in Brittany and family-owned and -operated since its founding in 1907.  Spread on your favorite cracker or toast points for a wonderful taste of France! Facts: Product of France. Ingredients (Countryside...
French Style Cassoulet with Duck Confit by Rougie 30 oz
The beans are what gives this beloved dish its smooth texture and rich, creamy flavor. They are cooked with pork and seasonings and then garnished with cooked meats, which vary from region to region. This cassoulet from Rougié contains pork sausage and duck confit. Each jar contains two hearty servings!...
French Black Truffle Sea Salt  - Maison Pébeyre
This mix of fine sea salt with pieces of truffles adds a heady scent to salads, omelettes, potatoes, sauces, meats, and fish. Maison Pébeyre · Truffle salt · 50g (1.8 oz) Ingredients: Salt, summer truffle (tuber Aestivum) 1%, truffle aroma 45g (1.6 oz)
Elevages Perigord French Cassoulet in Glass jar with duck confit and sausage
Like bouillabaisse in Marseille, cassoulet is the subject of endless and spirited debate in the Southwest of France. Everyone agrees about the foundation, white beans cooked with fat, garlic, and herbs; this base gives the beloved dish its smooth texture and rich, creamy flavor. But the meats used to garnish...
Duck Liver Mousse / Mousse de Foie de Canard - Rougié
Made with duck foie gras, this mousse provides an elegant yet economical alternative to pure foie gras. Serve chilled. Ingredients: Duck liver, duck fat, water, whole egg, white egg, Armagnac, port wine, gelling agent (carrageenan), carob gum), sugar, pepper, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite. 320g (11.2 oz)
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Delices du Luberon Sundried Tomato Spread 3.1 oz. (90 g)
The best time to have Sundried Tomato Spread? All the time! The combination of spices, tomato and mozzarella bring a unique flavor to this Provencal specialty. Incorporate this Spread into recipes that call for tomato paste or concentrate, spread onto toast for a snack, or use it as an appetizer...
Delices du Luberon Green Olive Tapenade 3.1 oz. (90 g)
This Green Olive Tapenade can be used in a number of ways. You can incorporate this Spread into a stuffed chicken recipe or top your favorite fish with it. The Spread is super flavorful with just the right amount of lemon to give it a perfectly zesty taste! Facts: 3.1 oz....
Delices du Luberon Eggplant Spread Caviar d'Aubergines 3.1 oz
This mixed Eggplant Spread is an Old World Mediterranean favorite. With roots dating back to ancient Greece, this Eggplant Spread is a combination of black olives and eggplant. This Spread will have your taste buds dancing and is perfect for crackers, a French baguette, or mix into your favorite fish recipe! The...
Connétable is based at the western tip of Brittany, in Douarnenez, and is the oldest sardine conservery in the world. Connétable has worked to combine fine and varied recipes with the best quality sardines since 1853. All their sardines are fished at the peak of the season when sardines have...
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Casabel Brandade de Morue - Codfish Brandade
A dreamy purée of salt cod, olive oil, and milk (or cream), brandade has its historical roots in Languedoc, and is especially associated with Nîmes. This ready-made brandade from Casabel may be served on toast or heated with potatoes, with garlic added to taste. Ingredients: Vegetable oil, codfish (32%), water,...
Bloc of  Duck Foie Gras - Elevages Périgord - Palme d'Or
These blocs of duck foie gras are delicately seasoned and have a smooth rich texture. To serve, chill for 24 hours, remove from refrigerator, and let stand for 30 minutes. Slicing the foie gras rather than spreading will preserve its unique texture Ingredients: Duck foie gras, water, salt, sugar, white...
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