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Nicolas Alziari Extra Virgin Olive Oil 34 Fl.oz (1L)
A secret jealously preserved for more than 100 years, identified by connoisseurs as one of the best olive oils in the world. This exceptional olive oil is made in Nice, France, at the Moulin Alziari, an ancient mill where a custom blend of the Mediterraneans finest black olive varietals, including...
Only the "flower of the oil" is used for this exceptional olive oil. Olive oil from France Cork pourer included
CERISES À LA LIQUEUR - Distillerie du Perigord
Discover the taste of premium-class fruit in these magnificent faceted jars.     Exceptional natural-tasting products that celebrate authentic flavours.Cherries in liqueur should be indulged in after coffee, as is the custom, in the still-warm cup or, in a more original way, dotted around scoops of ice cream or sorbet.
Metallic watering can with capacity of 600 ml. This is the single model made in limited edition
La Marne - French Champagne Vinegar - Vinaigre de Chanpagne
Light and bright, this vinegar is a lovely choice for vinaigrettes. Ingredients: Wine vinegar, naturally occuring sulfites 75cl (25.4 fl oz)
Escal French Burgundy Escargots 3 Dozen Extra Large 8.8 oz. (249g)
Of the 116 edible species of snails, Helix pomatia are considered the best, and the ones harvested in Burgundy are the most popular among gourmets. Try these delicious Escargots with garlic and parsley butter for a true French meal! Facts: 8.8 oz. Product of France. Ingredients: Helix pomatia, Linne snail meat, Water,...
Elixir of Cepe Porcini by Distillerie du Perigord 6.8 oz
Delicately seasoned, these amazing infusions add a heady whiff of tasty and rare truffles and mushrooms to a broad range of dishes. They can be used to deglaze, marinate, and flambe meat, poultry, and fish dishes and to subtly perfume risottos, soups, and purees. The taste is concentrated because the alcohol...
For 70 years, this grand cru of olive oil is the fruit of a delicate blend of varieties harvested still green. From the best land. Sweet taste and lively aromas. Ideal for salads, tomatoes and other raw vegetables.
Cemoi Truffes Fantaisie · Chocolate truffles classic · 200g
The Cémoi group was born when chocolate-maker Jules Pares built the first chocolate factory in France in Perpignan in 1814. Today, Cémoi has 10 factories in France that produce a complete range of chocolate products: liquid chocolate, chips, drops, bars, truffles, chocolate confectionary, marshmallow, liqueur chocolate, and chocolate almonds. Ingredients:...
Noirot · Culinary Rose water · 25cl (8.45 fl oz)
Rose Water / Eau de Rose Chocolate mousse, crêpes, gâteau Breton, madeleines, the celebrated bugnes lyonnaises and the Provençal Christmas cake, pompe à l' for these French classics often call for eau de fleur d'oranger, or orange flower water, made by macerating and distilling the flowers of Seville oranges. Theodule...
Le Guérandais French Salt Fleur de sel de Guérande, linen bag · 125g (4.4 oz)
Sel De Guerande: For centuries the marshes of Guérande has been harvesting salt in the same way. What’s the formula? In the light of the late afternoon sun, if the weather permits, men can be seen harvesting salt with rakes and by hand. Every summer the 200 salt workers who...
Barral Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made from ripe olives from the French and Italian Riviera, this olive oil has all the gentleness and finesse that characterize olive oils of the region. Ingredient: Extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing. 50 cl
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