Thé du Hammam Black Leaf is more than a black tea version of the Thé du Hammam, it offers a variation on this wonderful recipe. This fruity blend is inspired by a Turkish recipe using the characteristic fragrances used to perfume a Hammam. Sprinkled with flower petals in the pure...
THÉ DES MOINES black & green tea Signature Tea Blend from Paris - Palais Des Thes
An ancient legend tells of how the Tibetan monks would prepare this blend of tea, plants and flowers in the greatest of secrecy. After several days of soaking, the leaves were carefully plucked out and put to one side. By this mysterious alchemy, the monks turned the tea into gold...
THÉ DES AMANTS black tea Signature Tea Blend from Paris - Palais Des Thes
Rich and sensual, Thé des Amants is a heady, fragrant blend of black tea, apple, almond, cinnamon and vanilla, spiced up with a hint of ginger. In French, Thé des Amants means "Tea of the Lovers".
7 CITRUS RUSSIAN BLEND black tea Russian Blend - Palais Des Thes
A Russian blend with added extracts known as a Slavic specialty. This superb blend of black teas with lemon, lime, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin, was created by Palais des Thés during its earliest years. Since then, the 7-citrus cocktail has been added to different base teas....
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