Maison Pébeyre Truffarome · White Italian truffle oil · 10cl (3.4 fl oz)
Founded in 1897, Pébeyre is the oldest family truffle enterprise in France. Guided today by the fourth generation, Pébeyre supplies truffles to the best restaurants in the world. In addition to truffles, Pébeyre offers a range of the best truffle-inspired products. White Italian Truffle Oil As is the tradition in...
Maison Pébeyre Truffarome  · Black winter truffle oil
This oil uses a neutral sunflower oil as its base to allow the full scent of the black truffle to shine through. You'll need only a few drops of this oil infused with the aroma of the remarkable Tuber melanosporum to give your dishes a sensual and luxurious taste. The...
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